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Supply Chain Digital - ConnectiX

FTS Group has partnered with ConnectiX to help asset-intensive enterprises easily link their applications, platforms, and technologies with their complex partner and supplier ecosystem. Ensuring asset-intensive companies have real-time visibility across the entire contractor supplier stack including subcontractors means the creation of a Digital Supply Chain Connect which will:

  • Enable supplier network-wide collaboration
  • Reduce operational asset costs
  • Create process visibility and linking
  • Ensure systems data alignment

Australian Government Funded Industry Research

ConnectiX was developed with the help of the Federal Australian Government research created in collaboration with the University of California. The research discovered that there is a failure to collaborate across asset owners and their supply chain. ConnectiX addresses this problem.

Collaborate and Streamline Asset Processes

ConnectiX allows asset owners, operators, and their suppliers to create a streamlined, transparent, and mutually beneficial joined-up asset operation. ConnectiX helps businesses achieve operational excellence through effective and efficient collaboration and intelligent response.

The Digital Supply Chain is designed to treat the asset and operations supply chain end-to-end. The collaboration platform removes silos, guarantees visibility and enables control over all work order types.

Flexibility and Agility

ConnectiX offers a flexible and agile environment that enables you to collaborate and succeed together with your partners. It was built from the ground up around Assets Works and Safety and allows you to rapidly start up and easily integrate your asset systems to those of your suppliers and their suppliers. ConnectiX can start with a focused pilot and iteratively grow based on your priorities and asset-related process gaps.

Council Connect by FTS Group and ConnectiX

ConnectiX is trusted by 60% of the local councils in Australia

FTSG has partnered with ConnectiX to create Council Connect - an IoT and collaboration platform providing the complete solution to rapidly setup asset maintenance through intelligent conditions management. Council Connect also includes integration to core systems, such as Technology One, and the ability to integrate your solution comprehensively with Anatas services.

Council Connect is an open, fully integrated solution that provides ‘conditions monitoring capability to monitor and manage Council assets across distributed locations. ConnectiX provides a range of asset monitoring sensors, intuitive dashboards which provide complete oversight of all monitored assets and, two-way control to manage performance. ConnectiX also can integrate and monitor your current IoT installed base.

Key Features

ConnectiX has the following set of business features:

  • Assets, Works and Safety focus and foundation
  • Pre-integrated into core systems such as TechOne and government systems such as DA Online
  • Fully integrated solution across enterprise solutions
  • Quick start fully integrated Council Connect modules
  • Strict compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Monitoring of water and waste assets
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved rate-payer value (reduced operating costs)
  • Improved environmental sustainability
  • Hybrid integration
  • Work Force Management and Digital Supply Chain
  • Integration of Pre-installed IoT Devices

Rapid Return on Investment

A key aspect of Council Connect is the ability to demonstrate value quickly. This can be realised using one of their quick start modules for low-cost rapid IoT trials. These modules also include rapid integration to ERP.

Key points to consider

Not only does this solution provide an extensive range of devices to enable conditions monitoring, you can also continue to gain value from your current IoT investments as ConnectiX will integrate into any open IoT device.

ConnectiX has already delivered one of the largest IoT projects in Australian history which has been independently assessed to reduce power consumption by 65%.

Other benefits of Council Connect

  • Progress Environment Plan with IoT.
  • Rapid implementation via pre-integrated tools into your TechOne.
  • Drive down costs, improve visibility of asset maintenance operations