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Our organization’s success starts with an integrated customer experience

The digital world has transformed customer service expectations, both online and over the counter. Customers and trading partners expect easy, safe, and faster interactions. Without the ability to quickly tap into a single view of that customer, including their service history and future requirements - a customer experience can rapidly turn into one of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Connection is imperative, be it internally across organisations, to suppliers and partners in business and to customers. To remain connected, web and mobile apps are essential. Businesses are increasingly turning to these channels to improve their relationships and communication both internally and externally.

In an increasingly connected, data-driven economy, modernising core business systems using Integration and API platform solutions are the standard way to connect applications and devices. Whether you are exposing data and services in web apps, mobile apps, IoT sensors or other touchpoints, Software AG webMethods Integration and API platform solutions provide the foundations for new business models. In particular, businesses looking to bolster customer and trading partner interactions.

Software AG Partnership

Since 2004, FTS Group organisation ANATAS has been the preferred Systems Integrator for Software AG for webMethods, assisting in delivering many projects and initiatives to clients.

With over 25 years of experience, we have mature offerings around Integration, API, DevOps strategies, platform recommendations, architecture, design, delivery, testing, support and governance including ready-to-go best-practice guidelines and frameworks.

We specialise in delivering Software AG webMethods solutions: on-premise, hybrid and cloud to drive your digital business transformations, customer and trading partner experiences. We have successfully delivered these solutions to several clients in industries such as Retail, Education, Government, Logistics, Financial Services and Utilities.

We’re also the proud winners of the 2019 Software AG Partner Awards